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No. 104

by Endswell

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emanramen All is well with Endswell. Favorite track: Solace.
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released September 25, 2011

Alex Glover - Everything except:

Dave Anthony - Vocals on track 5
Danny Ensanian - Tambourine/shaker on tracks 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 14
Kevin Gleeson - Trombone on tracks 7 and 12
Josh Knowles - Violin on track 5
Jon McKinley - Guitar/Vocals on track 2, vocals on track 6
Mikey Molloy - Vocals on tracks 1 and 9



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Track Name: First Flight
This week I left the leaving tree
to flee it feel these feet set free
pleas from the people put beneath
for me to bring them back their needs
But weeds grow on and so do we
So goodbye tree that once held me
Don’t grieve for me, for where I’ll be
I see the seemingly gleaming decree of freedom
So be done
With me
Yeah freedom, be done with me

Last night I watched the past ignite
While fire lit up my old life
Like pine grenades just flying by
Right behind the pining tree that cried
“If I die today, I know you’ll cry tonight
But if you search you’ll find that I’m quite alright!
So don’t try to think awry of all your frights,
Just ride on the wild wings of the wind and of the light and feel freedom
And be done
With me”
Yeah freedom, be done with me

Questions with everything you learn
Straight paths in every single turn
Find peace in everything that burns
Track Name: You Make Me Smile
Here’s a song I thought I’d never write, you make me dumb
You make me stupid and cliche
You make me sound lame when you make me say
You’re a sight for my sore eyes, and when you cut me down to size
For writing stupid love songs with my while, I’ll just say one thing

You make me smile

Here’s a verse I thought I’d never sing
A happy verse about how everything you do or say makes me melt in place
And I know that it sounds sappy but you really make me happy
And I hope you think I’m worth your while, ‘cause I still know one thing

You make me smile

If you could have seen my face as I hugged you goodbye
Maybe it’d be easier for you to realize

That you’re the song I thought I’d never write, you made me dumb
You made me stupid and cliche, you made me sound lame but I’ll always say
You were a sight for my sore eyes, and I’m still so glad we tried because
You were more than worth my while, and I just know one thing

You made me smile
Track Name: Song For My Guitar (Sing with you Again)
Will you be the same, or have your inflections changed?I hope the memories in my brain don’t serve me wrong
I still hear you resonate, and every sound I’ve heard you make is beautiful
And I await the day I hear you again

Cause I wanna sing my favorite songs but I can’t sing them when you’re gone
I’ll open wide but I can’t hit the notes, no no, and I’m empty of ideas
My ears can’t hear the meoldies, so I hope I get to sing with you again

I’ve been listening to recordings that we made some time ago
Every detail is captured closely but nothing comes close to what I’d hoped
I hear you underneath each thought, and every thought I think was brought to me by you, and now I know someday I’ll hear you again

And I’m gonna sing my favorite songs with you between each of my arms
I’ll open wide make sure I hit each note, oh oh, I won’t be empty of ideas
I’ll sing out all the melodies, and I know I’m gonna sing with you again
Track Name: Friend
I’ll talk to you when I finish playing snake on my computer
I’ll tune you in when I finish this next tune on my guitar (yeah, this guitar)
‘Cause it seems like these mean more to me than people
And if that’s the case I don’t know what I’m gonna do tomorrow

Cause I know I’m gonna see you and apologize again
And I know you’re gonna hear me out when I apologize again
But I know someday you will say the jig is up, and you won’t be my friend

I’ll talk to you when I know we’re gonna be in the same room sometime soon
I’ll talk to you inbetween the red lights and on the long nights and
Every time the fish don’t bite I’ll talk to you

You’ll talk to me when I’m finished playing games on my computer
You’ll talk to me when I’m finished playing songs on my guitar (yeah, this guitar)
Track Name: Back of Your Mind
Meet me in the back of your mind, I’ve been there for quite some time
I’ve been waiting there for you
Sort yourself out, see what you might find in the hallways of your mind
I’ll be there in the back room, waiting there for you

Meet me in the walls of your lungs, in every word that hits your tongue
In every song you’ve ever sung
And everytime you breathe a melody I’ll be the silent harmony
Every word that hits your tongue, you know I sing along

And everytime you fall asleep I’ll pray the Lord your soul to keep
And I only hope you do the same for me
and if you’ve been wondering where I’ll be

You can find me at the bottom of your heart, singing songs to make it start
Beating every single day
Track Name: Poster Tour!
Hey, what’s your game? I wanna know and if I don’t break the silence
I’m scared that you wont. Hey, where you off to? And will you think of me
When you’re at the lake, scared to cross the bridge ‘cause it’s getting late,

And I know I’m not the best that you could get, but before you fall asleep tonight
I hope I’m in your head, ‘cause

I won’t forget you, I won’t forget your hair, forget your stare or
Forget that you had time to spare with me, I won’t forget you, no no...

Here’s a song for a face that I am sure to miss, yeah
Here’s a song to let you know that I always wish you the best of luck,
‘Cause you deserve it, and this world is so far from perfect, but
You stand out and I hope you always know that

I won’t forget you
I won’t forget your eyes for quite a while, forget your laugh, forget your smile
So please, don’t forget me
Track Name: Still Beginners
I’ve got a hook to sing to someone, I’ve got the words, they’re all prepared
I’ve got a look in my eyes, but I don’t have someone to share them all with me

But if I did, well she’d look at me and I’d look right back
And she’d hold me tight and I’d make her laugh, and if we had problems
Down the path, I’d sing to her...

I’ll take the blame, we’re both still beginners
I’ll make the table if you make the dinner
And I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else in the world

Would you stay with me ‘til we’re wrinkly?
‘Til my thoughts are gone from my memory?
Until my throat dries up and I”m out of key I’ll still sing to her...

I remember when we both were beginners
I made the table ‘cause I’d mess up the dinner
You stayed beautiful, my hair got thinner but you stuck with me
Thanks for sticking with me

And I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else with anyone else but you
No I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else in the world
Track Name: Swing Away, Merrill
Today hit me with a fastball and I didn’t see it coming, I didn’t notice something flyin’ right toward my face, but when it hit me then, I finally got a taste of fear, a taste of hope, a taste of something that I’m probably gonna choke on later, cause it’s a bit too much, yeah I bit off more than I can chew and I can’t swallow now

Today threw me for a curveball and I didn’t know directions, I didn’t notice sections of my brain falling out, but when I hit the bat then, I finally learned about the fear, about the hope, about the little somethings that I’m probably gonna choke on later, cause it’s a bit too much, yeah I bit off more than I can chew and I can’t swallow now

And even if I get hit every time that I’m at bat, at least I can take my base and I’m okay with that, as long as someone wants to play this game with me

Today hit me with a baseball bat that I didn’t know was swinging, I’m hopin’ that by singing I can try and avoid the blow, but when it hits me then, I’m finally gonna know the fear and feel the hope, and spit up all the little things I probably woulda choked on later, cause it’s a bit too much yeah I bit off more than I can chew and I can’t swallow now

Yeah it’s so much more than I can swallow now
Track Name: Solace
You find solace in the way you do your hair
I find hope in all the places you wouldn’t dare
You find your peace of mind in the make up that you’ve made up on your face
I made you a home inside my arms

You’ve got a funny feeling of emptiness, an empty wish, an endless list
Of places you’d like to go
I don’t have too many plans, but I’ve got a place to rest my hands, yeah
I’ve got a waist that lands inside my arms

I’ll give you directions to a clock so you can find the time to think of me
Between your law degrees, when it’s half past three and you’re all I wanna see

I hope you still consider home inside my arms
Track Name: The Day Ahead
I heard of a man who lived out on a farm with old veins in his hands and sun rays on his arms. He sat on his porch with nothing to wait for and prayed for the grass to grow. Down on his left, on the ground, a guitar with old cracks in the wood that matched the lack of the stars in his eyes; they died some years ago with a sputter, a flicker; like that they were gone. But one thing that he knew in his life brought him joy was the girl that he’d married back when he was a boy. It’d been 63 years since they’d both exchanged vows but they’d kept them and slept in the same bed every night since. About 30 years back he wrote her a tune with no words but he swore to her that they would come soon; he was a soft spoken man through and through, but on the quietest nights you could hear him whistle her tune. The dark of the night threw its cape on their land while the man and his wife lay in bed holding hands. She closed her eyes slowly and thought of the past with the feeling inside that this day was her last. The next morning the man awoke, his feet on the ground, while his wife lay in bed without making a sound. The sun shone down, his fist made pounds, and the whole town felt his pain. But it wasn’t her death, no it wasn’t his loss that filled the old man with pain as he prayed to the cross that
was still on her neck. She lay still in their bed. It was the way that the words never left his own head, and he didn’t sing to her. So he went back outside and found pleasant surprise in the birds that chirped chirps and flew quietly down to
his porch where they perched, and how fortunately! It was that very moment that the old man started to sing: “For every time that we both fell asleep there’s a memory I keep in my head. And every night when I turned off the light I looked forward to the day with you ahead.” So the sun beat down and the birds flew away while the wind whistled chords that the man had just played. The birds kept the words in their heads where they’d stay ‘til they flew up to heaven and sang to the woman that the man had lost that day.“For every time that we both fell asleep there’s a memory I keep in my head. And every night when I turned off the light I looked forward to the day with you ahead.” His wife heard every word, and gave many thanks to the birds. She cried which released water down from the clouds to let the man know she heard. The first droplet of rain hit the man on his scalp, and he instantly knew why the rain came about, then rejoyced and ran into the field
just to bask in the rain and begin to shout: “I have been blessed! I have been blessed! I have been blessed! I have been blessed! I have been blessed! I have been blessed, and I love you!”
Track Name: With Wasted Words
While wasted wicks were burning nobody wanted to watch, and
No one went to wish their way to wealth with breath upon those wicks, oh well
In every entry ending everyone enters alone, they edit ends and end it when they emit any emptiness, oh well, I guess
I’ll blow the candles out
Oh well, I guess I’ll tear the pages out

Until the waxes melt and drip away and the scent of candles fades
and I, alone, will wish upon them
Waiting on a soul to read my page, the sense of passion fades
and I. alone, will scribble in its place

Take two looks torn apart two trinkets that twinkle tonight
They turn the tides of thirteen tries but trying dies with turning eyes , oh well
I heard the hearts of hundreds harboring hatred they had, with
Half a head to get a head with hands so red from hard work shot to hell, I guess
I’ll turn and look away
Oh well, I guess I’ll wait for work to pay

Until the eyes I see both slip away and the star in each one fades
And I, alone will wish upon them
Waiting on a soul to sing my praise, the sense of self won’t fade
And I, alone will scribble in this place

Will I waste away when I sieze the day that I’ve got nothing left to say